Our Journey

Jan Explore Editing was made for you to discover your potential and areas that needs growth in your author journey. Our belief is that every author will need confidence to present their ideas and products to their audience. JAN therefore has the passion to make this work.

J.A.N stands for Just -A-Note. It was first registered as an editing agency only, in 2015, However, the founder Ruth Omondi after listening to her authors’ needs, realized that 99% of them shared their disappointment in poor delivery of services despite investing generously for the course. She came up
with a solution of exploring improved editing approaches; thus JAN Explore.

Why innovative editing solutions?

‘I paid a lot of money Ruth, but nothing much was done.” This is the pain of a big number of authors, especially first timers. This can stop here, writing should be inspiring to the author first.

Editing entails a lot that you might not see before you start. JAN editors approach editing with open minds while endlessly exploring diligent solutions for the best products

Just- a-note implies something simple but when explored can change the whole world. Your work started with just a note, how your end product will look is left for research, scrutiny and exploration. We hence grow together in the process. Let’s explore what’s on the other side and grow your confidence for your writing career.

Jan Vision

To see authors say, ‘I want to write again’ and not ‘I will never.’

Jan Mission

To identify areas in editing that need research; hence improvement for excellent end products.

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Jan Team

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Ruth Omondi
Founder, Editor, writer
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Joy Odoyo
Editor, writer
Collince Okumu
Director, Writer, design
Johnmark Odoyo
Managing Editor, Writer
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Why Us?

When you choose JAN to edit for you, get ready for numerous ‘Aha!’ experiences. In the process of editing, there are lots of back and forth. They are awesome because you are spoiled with vital mentoring sessions. As a result, you are equipped for a better next time and manuscript. When time and money is saved for your future projects, it only means more confidence in your writing career, hence growth.

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