13 Reasons Why You Need an Editor Before Publishing Your Book

As a veteran or novice author, you already know a third eye is always essential for your book. Writing is such a challenging experience and it is easier for an author to digress seriously from the good content you wanted to share with the yearning audience.

But, you can avoid this experience by taking your book to a good editor to help you read and see on your behalf things that you could not see for yourself.

What is Editing?

Editing is the process of correcting and organizing content – visual, audio, or text. It helps to revise and shape the content to make it captivating and presentable to the audience. Nonetheless, you should not confuse editing with proofreading.

Proofreading is the final step, both editor and author take on their publishing journey. This mostly entails checking errors before you release your book to a target readership. Editing isn’t just a one step process that takes the author from a raw copy to a published one, there are several stages involved.  

Stages of Editing

  • Stage 1: the structural edit.

After receiving your manuscript, the editor needs to make sure your book is well structured. The editor checks the:

  1. Flow of the plot
  2. Relevance of the title and subtitles
  3. Organization of the chapters
  4. Coherence of the paragraphs
  5. Relevance of your book to the target audience.
  • Stage 2: the copy edit.

The editor now dives deep into the nitty gritty of your writing.  The areas an editor checks during copy edit include;

  1. Grammar and mechanics
  2. Semantics
  3. Spelling
  4. Word diction
  5. Punctuation
  6. Subject verb concord
  7. Sentence structure
  • Stage 3: the proofreading.

This is the final stage in the editing process.

The editor makes sure your text or content is free of any mistake whether topical or typographical. If the editor overlooked any errors, he or she corrects them immediately.

Why Should You Hire an Editor?

1. Editing is an essential part of the writing process.

Editing is the final step an author takes from finishing their manuscript to having it published and distributed to the target audience. An editor is like a guide-map, especially to new authors. Editors help you navigate through the publishing process to ensure your book is in the perfect shape for your readership.

2. An editor will help you shape your ideas as an author.

 Sometimes as authors, we have visions and don’t know exactly how to execute them. You see what you want to say in your mind but you do not know how to translate it into interestingly written content. This is where editors come in. They have the right training to help you translate what is in your mind into your art; sometimes even better than you thought.

3. Personal editing abilities may not be enough to improve your writing.

Have you seen a surgeon who operates on themselves? Or a judge who rules his own case? That is why you need someone else to judge your work before you publish it. Even if you know that the work you did was of a high caliber, it is always best to seek a second opinion.

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4. It is easy to overlook errors in your own work.

As an author, you may know what you wanted to put forth and how to say it. However, trust me, it is easy for you to overlook a syntax error or a viable punctuation mark. In your mind you will say: It seems right, yeah, it’s definitely right.  But wait until you get the reviews of an editor; you will know there are areas you want to change.

Hence, the work of an editor is to help you see the speck in your eyes. Moreover, professional editors will always look at your work objectively.

5. Editors help coach your writing skills.

Many active writers reach a point in their stories where they run out of ideas. They no longer know what to write next and how to fully develop their story. This is called writers block. Although it is difficult to overcome, you can easily go past it with a top-notch editor or a writing coach. They are able to help you see the parts of your book which will deviate from the main objective thus ensuring quality and consistency.

6. Editing increases your publishing chances.

In the publishing community, there are big companies that we can say are the ‘who’s who’ of publishing. These companies influence how the audience will receive your work. There are authors whose work have been read simply because of the publishing company. They act as a brand to your book. Hence, whether you are self-publishing or going the traditional rout, having someone to brand and endorse your work is interesting. Besides, a book has a higher chance of being published if it has a approval from a well-known editor or editing company. Readers will associate your book with the professionalism of the editor and automatically trust its quality.

7. Editors are your first audience and critics.

When you take time out of the busy schedule to write a book from start to finish, you are sure about your message.  However, the way you pen it down might not be the most appealing to a target audience. Hiring an editor will thus help you see what you omitted and your point of deviation. They will help you tailor your book to the target audience in the most compelling way.

8. Editors are experienced professionals

Editors work on books every day. Also, they read from diverse authors. With this kind of experience, they know exactly the needs of your audience and how best you can communicate your message to them. Moreover, they know which author you are likely to compete in your chosen genre. These simple affirms why you need to hire an editor for your book. They know what to do, and how to do it in a professional manner.

9. It is a learning experience for both parties.

Hiring an editor can help you write your next book with ease, especially if you are newbie. When you receive the edited copy and you compare it to your raw copy, you are able to see what to look for in the next book.

You also learn about sentence structure, paragraph alignment and overall flow. The editor also has a learning experience on how to edit different content in relation to an evolving audience. The way one edits a comical piece, for example, is not the same as editing a thriller where certain paragraphs need to evoke suspense.

10. Helps an author make a good first impression.

Picture this, you pitch your book to a publishing company in the hopes of getting it on the shelves. Coincidentally, the publisher has received another book on the same genre from another competitive writer. What will make a difference in your book? Its quality. Let’s say it has a noticeable plot, great character development from the first chapter to the last, and great grammar.

On the other hand, your competitor’s book has twenty punctuations and spelling mistakes in the first chapter alone. Who do you think will get a callback? You guess is as right as mine. Your book will stand out.

Writing with an editor on your side will always give your book the best impression wherever you take it.

11. Having an editor shows a polished piece.

Well respected editors know the reputation they have to live up to. They know how clean and thorough editing gives them a better client base too. So as an author, you can be assured that you will have a polished piece to present to your target audience after editing.

12. Expands one’s vocabulary.

When an author is handed back their edited copy for inspection and approval, he or she will notice many changes in all areas. Thus, the writer is introduced to a whole new genre of language that they can use from their day-to-day activities or even in their next book.

13. Saves on time.

We can all agree that writing a book is no easy task. There is a lot of planning and re-writing that goes on behind the scenes. Some famous authors even take up to 10 years to write one book! With the help of an editor, you can save on time because you know you will have a polished piece in the end, ready for publishing.


An editor’s sole purpose is to make your work as an author easier. Even if you are confident in your work and know there are no mistakes, an editor is always there to help you be the best you can be. That is why here at JAN Explore Publishers, we have qualified and professional editors who will help you be the best author that you can be.

We know editing can be a tedious process and that is why we take the burden off you. We also offer a free book review, where we analyze the content and quality of your book and give a detailed analysis.

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